Proenza Schouler - AW 11/12

Proenza Schouler mixed the primal with the modern in their latest collection. On a road trip to Santa Fe designers, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez got their hands on some Native American blankets and were instantly inspired. From there, the two hit the computers and started to urbanize the patterns they saw. They researched the blankets and began to design. The designers pixelated the patterns, printed them on silk like fabrics, and manipulated them into lace, creating the contemporary Native American muse that dominated the runway. Each outfit was accompanied by an equally amazing pair of heels which will be a must have for the fall. The crocheted skirts summed up the entire collection. Their traditional look was juxtaposed with neon patterns, creating an effortlessly complete look. Proenza Schouler created an exciting collection that set a new pace for the fall.

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Suno - AW 11/12

Suno's latest collection strayed from their typical mini dresses and short skirts, showing a refinement and a sophistication that elevated the brand. Head designers, Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty were inspired by granny style. The collection was dominated by pants and floor length gowns that are untraditionally stylish and trendy. This collection also digressed from Suno's traditional color palette. They stuck to a surprisingly earthy color scheme, adding pops of color here and there. Their subdued colored dresses were a refreshing addition to the brand and definitely stood out, however my hands down favorite pieces of the collection were the floral tunic-like dresses. If Suno's latest collection is any indication, we should respect our elders and more importantly their style.

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The Row - AW 11/12

Originally a fusion of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's style, The Row has finally come into its own. Although it still looks like it came straight from their closet, it now has an elegance and refinement that it has been continuously gaining since the start of the company. The accessories are what really took form this season. The oversized fur hats worn by the models, echoed the looks that they accompanied and were an exciting fresh addition while still keeping with the style of the brand. The Olsen's crocodile and fur coats are both showstoppers on the runway as well as accessible garments for everyday life.

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King of Streetstyle


Marc Jacobs - AW 11/12

Marc Jacobs' newest collection took many elements of fashion history and mixed them into one very Marc Jacobs collection. Outfits transitioned from elegance into the classic pencil-skirt Dior era and Edwardian ruffle coated necks into modern sexy sheer garments and clothes fresh out of a dominatrix's closet. Jacobs merged all these styles together seamlessly through polka-dots. This basic pattern was a through back to classic Marc Jacobs. Jacobs also created sexy wearable clothing out of latex. His ability to morph this material into fabulous berets and sequins is a testament to his outstanding creativity and ability as a designer. Overall Jacobs' designs were classically elegant and sexy while still pushing the limits of fashion as we know it.

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Jason Wu - AW 11/12

After gushing over Jason Wu's pre-fall, I was ecstatic to see his collection this season. Wu did not disappoint. His collection was a throw back way father than the '70s trend, which has dominated the runway. He took common Baroque style and applied it to American sportswear. In this endeavor, Wu created modern blazers, coats and pants with twists from his inspiration. Skirts and sweatshirts were spotted with lace running down the sleeves while blazers and coats were embellished with broach like clusters of stones. These simple gestures drive the modern Baroque theme throughout the show. These elegant pieces were paired with classic cigarette pants and printed blouses. Wu also deconstructed lace on his dresses, tops and skirts, challenging us to look at it in a different way than we usually see it. He was able to form new patterns and styles by breaking it apart and reassembling it on his garments. For evening, Wu embellished a gold lace gown with paillettes and metallic sequins. This dress is Wu at his finest. It sums up the fusion of classic and modern design which Wu was trying to achieve.

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Alexander Wang - AW 11/12

Alexander Wang's newest collection is easily one of my favorite of the season thus far. His goal was to poke fun of the luxury lifestyle and in his efforts this collection fed into Wang's downtown chic aesthetic; turning out the wardrobe of an urban warrior. He took bomber jackets, parkas, and tuxedo jackets and merged them to create luxurious hybrids. Experimenting with needle punching, Wang was able to further dive into his hybridization. Chunky knitwear pieces would gently transform into leather parkas and silky dresses. Wang is evolving fashion. There is no time period which overpowers his collection, but instead he is constantly looking for something new to create. From his coats sporting exaggerated fur collars to the silk tendrils of skirts, Alexander Wang has created the most luxurious form of anti-luxury.

Photo Credits: Style.com